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Top 5 Scholarships in Korea 2022 – Study Free in Korea

Top 5 Scholarships in Korea 2022 – Study Free in Korea:

South Korea is the best country for all International Students to study here. Korean universities are listed in the best universities in the world. Study Free in Korea is the dream of every students. in this article we will discuss Top 5 Scholarships in Korea 2022 which can change the future of most brilliant students. Here Dae-jung will discus his experience with Korean Scholarships and Study in Korea. Apply for scholarship International GIST Scholarships 2022 in South Korea (Fully Funded).

I am Dae-jung. I received Global Korea Scholarship twice. Also, I studied and worked in South Korea for nearly 10 years. Last year, I moved to London to pursue a career in law. Today, we’re going to cover top five scholarships in South Korea for international student in 2022. Mostly students know about Global Korea Scholarship which is government-sponsored. However,   there are so many other scholarships in South Korea which allow you to study Free Of Charge. And when I say free of charge, I mean free tuition fee and also a monthly stipend ranging from US$200 to US$1,000.

But before we go into those scholarships, I think it’s important to touch on two points. The first one is why should you study in South Korea. Then the second point is what are the types of scholarships in South Korea.

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Why you should study in South Korea?

So let’s start with the reasons why you should study in South Korea. From my own experience, I have three reasons why I would recommend for anyone to study in South Korea. The first one is that South Korea is the basket of innovation. And let me be honest here that before I got to South Korea in 2011, all the major big companies in the world that i was familiar with, I did not know that they originated from South Korea. We’re talking about Samsung, LG, POSCO, Hyundai. And the cool thing is that for a lot of these big corporations they actually want to hire international students.

Let me give you an example, I remember that I think about two year or three or five years ago, LG was in a program where they would hire an international student to work in South Korea after graduation to work in the country for about two years, then afterwards they will send you back to your home country as a manager. So if you want to be at the centre of the innovation that is driving the 21st century, South Korea is where you want to be.

The second reason is that there is a high demand for international students again to give you a personal example here when I first got to Korea in 2011 there was almost no Fully Funded Scholarship from any university but fast forward to now, pretty much every major university in South Korea has one form of scholarship or another. So if you’re willing to do your research, there is a guaranteed assurance that you would get a scholarship to study in South Korea.

The third reason is that it is the home to K-pop and K-drama and I think maybe I should have started with this. But as you might know K-pop and K-drama has flooded cultures around the world. And if you want to experience that live in person, then you probably want to go and study in South Korea.

Scholarships available to study in South Korea:

With that being said, the second thing that I want to touch on is what are the types of scholarships in South Korea and I think that from what I’ve said earlier you probably have an hint about those types of scholarships.

The first one is government-sponsored scholarships. Now I’ve in the past dwelt so much on Global Korea Scholarship which is government-sponsored as well. But there are also many government sponsored scholarships in South Korea. Another example is KOICA which is mainly for civil servants coming from developing countries to come to South Korea and study. I think it’s about for 18 months. So the reality is if you do your research, you would find an opportunity in that regard.

The second type is university sponsored scholarships. And like I said earlier, these days for pretty much every major university in South Korea, they have one form of scholarship or another so if you’re willing to do your research you would surely find a scholarship that you can leverage and use to your own benefit.

The third type of scholarship is charity sponsored scholarship or private company sponsored scholarship. An example I would give here is Daewoong Pharmaceuticals which is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Korea and also in Asia. I was fortunate to work in that company and one of the reasons why I talked about it this is that I benefited from a scholarship from that company and what they do is every year, they recruit international students and they give them monthly stipend and the reason why a lot of these companies do this is they want to build a relationship with international students so that when you graduate you can come to their company and work for them.

Top 5 Scholarships in South Korea:

Now let’s go through the top five scholarships in South Korea for international students in 2022 and please this is not in any particular order. For you to go ahead and exploit for yourself and like I said earlier there are many scholarships in South Korea.

1. Ewha Global Partnership Program:

First scholarship I’m going to cover is Ewha Global Partnership Program. This scholarship is sponsored by Ewha Woman’s University and it’s mainly for international applicants coming from developing countries to study at Ewha Woman’s university. For you to be eligible you have to be a female student and the reason is because as you can probably tell in the name. This school is a female only university. The only condition for you to study at this school as a male is if you’re coming as an exchange student and you stay in the school for only about one or two semesters. But if you’re coming to study full-time, you have to be a female student. The second condition is that you must have demonstrated leadership potential. I would say is that Ewha Woman’s University is one of the top schools in Korea and they boast of prominent female leaders.

2. KAIST International Scholarship:

The second one I’m going to cover is KAIST International Student Scholarship. The cool thing is that KAIST is not just only one of the top schools in South Korea, it’s in the top 50 schools in the world. So, if you get to study in this school on this scholarship, there is no doubt of a guaranteed recognition   around the world.

3. UNIST Scholarship:

The third one I’m going to cover is UNIST Scholarship for International Students. UNIST stands for Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology. It is a fairly new university and it was founded in 2007 but the school is aiming to be in the top 10 university in South Korea. And one of the strategies to achieve this goal is to recruit more international students so this is an ideal opportunity for grab.

4. GIST International Scholarships:

The fourth one is GIST Scholarship. GIST stands Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology. And look, aside from a great access to one of the top science-oriented universities in the country, Gwangju as a city is an incredible place to visit. I personally visited Gwangju myself and it’s just amazing there is also the Boseong Green Tea Field which is just incredible to visit. So my point is if you’re seeking a very nice location to study and and a very good school to study as well this scholarship is one you want to consider and again there is going to be a link in the description section for you to explore this scholarship more.

5. Global Leadership Fellowship:

The last but not the least scholarship I want to cover is Global Leadership Fellowship. This is sponsored by Yonsei university and Yonsei university is not just one of the top three schools in the country, it’s also one of the top 100 schools in the world. There is a concept called SKY in South Korea. They stand for the top three schools in South Korea. S stands for Seoul National University. K stands for Korea University which is where I finished from and Y stands for Yonsei university. So, if you study at Yonsei University, you will be studying at one of the top schools in the world. As I said earlier, all the five scholarships I mentioned are fully-funded scholarships.

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